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Game Servers, Web Hosting, VPS Hosting and other projects at HostMyGuild

HostMyGuild is the primary provider of quality game server solutions, gaming website hosting and gaming VPS hosting. We provide services to anyone interested in launching their own gaming servers, no matter what the specific game is.

We have an advanced gaming panel solution for web hosting, shared hosting, WordPress hosting and game server hosting. Each hosting module is seperated from each other and hosted on seperate server nodes. If you have any questions regarding our setup, don’t hesitate to ask via our ticket system!

Web Hosting: If you need a website for your guild/clan or gaming related project, buying shared web hosting is the best solution. It’s cost-efficient and provides good value overall. If you are using WordPress as a back-end, WordPress Hosting provides additional benefits.

VPS Hosting: If you need a small game server, a bigger website or application, VPS hosting is your best bet. It provides a lot of resources for your project while being affordable.

Game Servers: Game servers usually come as dedicated servers. Dedicated servers have resources that only you can use. It is not shared at all, so it makes it especially good for bigger projects or big game servers!

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It’s 2018 and we all know what a website means. But many don’t get the point of owning a website. Like many gaming websites where you sell games or rent games or provide gaming related services like GamerVPN it’s an identity of what you do. A website describes what you do. Like many small businesses […]

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Part 2 – Service management, Systemd Last time we were just getting to know the main Linux interface, the console. Today we are going to get our hands on service management. Let’s start with the basics. What the hell is a service in the context of Linux? A service is an application ( In some […]

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Prologue:   If you are using a VPS, you are most likely using it with Linux. While Windows is by far the most popular OS on desktop systems, the case is exactly the opposite in the world of servers. This is why we will be creating a series of articles showing you how to get […]

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