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  • .com 9.99 USD
  • .net 10.99 USD
  • .org 10.99 USD
  • .biz 10.99 USD
  • .info 9.99 USD
  • .xyz 9.99 USD


Why do Domains with different TLD-s cost more? Do you make a profit on Domains?

All Domain prices are strictly set by the centralized Domain registrars. Hosting companies like us have very little say in what Domains should cost. The price you pay for the Domain help maintain the Domain registrar.

We do not make any profit on any of the Domains, we only offer Domain services to increase the convenience of our hosting services.

Usually newer or less used TLDs cost more as there is extra administration on the part of the Domain registrar.

Which TLD should I choose? Is .COM the best choice?

Usually .COM is the best option for your website as it’s easily remembered by most people. There are no technical reasons why .COM is better though.

There are a few exceptions where other TLDs are advisable. For example, if you market for a specific country then you should use the country specific TLDs like .RU or .US. If you are a non-profit organization you might want to use .ORG.

There is a recent trend among new tech companies to use the .IO TLD.

To summarize you should generally use .COM and you should only use another TLD if you have a good reason to do so.

Everything is already taken! How do I come up with a good Domain name for my Website?

Unfortunately, the most popular names are already taken so some thinking might be necessary on your part to come up with a domain name.

It is not an easy process and you shouldn’t rush it as it’s the Domain name that is the hardest to change.

There are powerful name generators that you can use if you run out of ideas. For example: