It’s 2018 and we all know what a website means. But many don’t get the point of owning a website. Like many gaming websites where you sell games or rent games or provide gaming related services like GamerVPN it’s an identity of what you do. A website describes what you do. Like many small businesses out there, many think they won’t benefit out of owning a website not it’d be out of your budget to build a website.


So, if you want to start your own game development website, you would require a good gaming hosting which can handle everything for you. Hostmyguild is one such website which provides cheap and reliable hosting at affordable price with customer support.


Here are few reasons why you need a website for your gaming business website or gaming  project :


  1. Gain credibility : The people who visit your website or if anyone wants to know about someone, he/she will definitely use the internet to search about them or the gaming website for the product or services they offer. A small cost towards your website can help you gain credibility. Whereas if you don’t have a website, the potential customers will be directed towards your competitors who have a website for their gaming business website.
  2. Website saves you money :  The traditional method of advertising costs way more than the website. For example a website can be build within the budget of $50 or less (even lesser if you use Hostmyguild for your gaming business website) whereas the traditiona method of advertising like newspaper ads or TV ads can cost you around $100-$1000 per day depending upon the veiws. Whereas if you make a website for your gaming business, it can reach lots of people in the potential market at a very low cost.
  3. Updates your customers : The traditional way of updating your customers would require time and money since you need to reach all the customers if you don’t own a website. Whereas if you own a website, it’s just another brochure or a catalogue which contains all the necessary information required for the customer to keep himself/herself updated on the happenings. For example, you can see the offer code on our website HostMyGuild which can save you money on hosting for gaming business website and as such.
  4. Website doesn’t close : As long as you renew your domain and hosting, a website will be open 24/7 x 365 which can be helpful for your customers to access the information of your gaming business or any other business even when your physical store or office is closed.
  5. Website saves time : When all the necessary information about the gaming business or any other business is available in your website itself, the customer doesn’t have the necessity to call you or email you. Even if they need to call you or email you, the necessary information will be in the website easily accessible by your customers.


How do I make a website ?


First off, you need to choose a name for your gaming business website or any business and check if it’s available.
You can check if your name is available in our own domain store :


Once you choose the right name for your website, you need hosting. A website hosting is a service that allows companies, business or individuals to post a website onto the internet and sharing it to the whole world.

HostMyGuild provides cheap and reliable hosting at attractive prices :


Once you integrate your domain with your hosting you are almost done! You just need to install the CMS you need (For example : wordpress,pretashop,etc) and install the theme you purchase. That’s literally everything you need  to do to open a gaming business website or anything you need to post onto the internet.

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