Why us

Welcome to our Why Us page!

We would like to invite you to our Project-oriented vision!

We don’t simply want to sell you Hosting, but we would like to help you with your Project in its entirety!

Tell us about your Project!


We have a few ideas why you might need Hosting, however, if your project is not on our list then contact us and tell us all about it! We love creating new projects and helping others create interesting things. No matter what you have in mind, we are sure to help you make the best of it!


Read just a few of the examples that you can use our services for:

Are you a Guild Owner?

Are you a Guild Owner?

Wish you had a reliable host for your guild website? Look no further!
We will provide you space and professional support all the way!

Are you a Developer?

Are you a Developer?

If you are lucky enough to own your game studio then you might need a place for your content where it all comes together, we are here for you!
We will give you professional support and resources so you can worry about developing the game of your dreams and let us take the responsibility to keep your site safe and sound.

You own a Private Server?

You own a Private Server?

Private Servers are a great way to create your own gaming community. However, they need adequate Hosting to run smoothly. We are here to provide all the tools necessary!

You own an Esports Team?

You own an Esports Team?

No matter! We have the infrastructure to host your website and social features with the best prices in the industry.

Something Else?

Something Else?

No problem nobody is perfect!
Joke aside, you will find, that our packages are more than generous in all areas.
This way you can use the resources to drive any kind of business you dreamed of. This is a hosting primarily targeted for gaming related contents but we are very happy to welcome anybody to our family!

You own a Webshop?

You own a Webshop?

A webshop of your own can increase your sales and customer outreach. You need to build those important relationships with your buyers. We can host webshops of all sizes and types!

Are you a Blogger?

Are you a Blogger?

We will provide you with all the nessecery tools to share your experiences with your followers. Here you can post all the saucy details you gathered over the internet about yor favourite game. 

Are you a Streamer?

Are you a Streamer?

It is always a good idea to have an official site where you can post your additional remarks over the hottest patches accompanied by links to your latest streams. We can help you with that! Connect to your fans through this site and let them know what’s on your mind and when can they get their hand on your next stream. Views guaranteed!

You own a Business?

You own a Business?

No matter what business you have you need exposure on the internet. A well-designed and maintained website will net you more customers than any advertisement nowadays!

Why should you choose us?


We created HostMyGuild with the goal to provide a service where you won’t feel neglected or left without professional support. We are gamers, programmers, data analysts, IT professionals and a good company to make you feel at Home.

We are young individuals who like games as well as creating something exciting and innovative. So we decided who better should give Hosting services than the ones growing up in the most exciting era in Computing and Gaming!

Ease of Use!

Most popular configurations with easy setup!

24/7 Professional Support!

We are here for you at any time of the day!

Low Prices!

We are not here to rip you off!

Amazing Refund Policy!

No questions asked within the first 15 days of order! You will get your money back!

Independent Business!

We are a small Independent Business which means we are not bound by strict and useless rules!

Generous VPS Resources!

Our VPS packages provide above standard resources!

Tight Professional Team!

We are a tight-knit Team working together to provide the best service we can!

Low Population Servers!

We put less people on a single web server than other providers!

Latest Technologies!

We only use the Latest Technologies and Best Practices when it comes to Hosting!

 Our Presence

We encourage you to ask us anything! Really! 

Contact us!

Or check out one of our exciting Blogs!

We hope that you will find your Home here!

        The HostMyGuild Team